Enter the annual "Healthy Brown Rice on the Menu" contest for a chance to win a paid 2015 SNA Conference registration, 50 pounds of whole grain rice for your school and TWO Aroma rice cookers—one for your school and one for yourself! The contest begins September 2, 2014 and will end October 17, 2014. Celebrate National Rice Month by serving U.S.—grown rice on the school menu and sharing your creation with us!
Brown Rice Meals

Entering the contest is easy:
  1. Feature a Healthy Brown Rice meal on your school menu in one of three categories—rice bowl, breakfast or lunch.
  2. Use U.S.—grown whole grain rice in your dish—help support U.S. rice farmers!
  3. Send us a description of your Healthy Brown Rice meal.
  4. Submit one or more photos of your students enjoying Healthy Brown Rice meals!

See rules on the entry submission page for more details. The winners will also be featured on the USA Rice foodservice website, To help get started, take a look at our new K-12 rice recipes created specifically to meet USDA school meal requirements, and our U.S.-Grown Rice 101: Rice Cooking Guide for School Foodservice.

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Special thanks to our USA Rice members InHarvest, Producers Rice Mill, Riceland Foods, Mahatma Rice, SunWest Foods, and Uncle Ben's as they will donate 50 pounds of whole grain rice for the grand-prize winners and runners-up of each category. We'd like to also thank Aroma Housewares for their generous donation of rice cookers to each of the winners.
Uncle Bens
Sunwest Foods
Mahatma Rice
In Harvest